Monday, October 22, 2012

Project - Rustic Wedding Card

So I believe in my last post I commented that I was working on a few little projects that I couldn't necessarily name because the final recipients of the designs read this blog.

Well the dates have passed, the projects are finished and in hands, so I no longer need to protect the innocent! With that I bring you - HOLLYWOOD WEDDING REDEUX!!

*explosion* *screeching tires* *Wilhelm scream*


So my sister commissioned me for some decorations for a wedding party a few months ago and the wedding was on the 13th. From what I hear it went beautifully. After the fact, she also wanted to give the bride and groom a special congratulatory card that spoke to the down-to-earth, rustic theme of the wedding, and asked me to step in and produce something.

This was around the time that I was experimenting with moving cards, and I had two ideas right off the bat for this card: a pop up birdcage and a scrap booking look to the outside. My sister agreed on both, and I set to it. Amazingly, Canon paper offers a neat template for creating a pop up birdcage, and it was the cleanest one I was able to find online. (I modified mine a little because it was A LOT of small pieces needing to be glued together)

From there I worked a sort of found object look to the front, including dollar store jewellery for some wedding bands, and the rest is history:

As always, thanks for reading!

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