Friday, February 20, 2015

Back From Another Dimension

First, a super congratulations to Mel and Pete, wonderful new couple and commissioners of all things fantasy and strange.

Way back when, there was an idea of a wedding. A nerdy wedding. One that would have certain overtones that few would appreciate and many would question. But there was a hope there, and the fact that if you didn't understand why you were at the "12th Doctor Table" versus "The Dalek Table" then you probably stumbled into the wrong hall anyway. Of these geeky sprinklings, one things stood out - it stood very loud, and very tall...

Let's start with a bit of explanation as to what a wedding arch is. Mel and Pete felt they needed to mix a bit of the traditional with the bit of fun, so they asked me to create a wedding arch that resembled a Stargate (for more info, click here).

I immediately thought that to get the ten foot tall size in the best arts and crafts way was to use sheets of 20 x 30 foamcore from either the dollar store or Michaels. I used some high resolution images of the original Stargate I found online to create some vector art, and then borrowed a projector from another client (the fine OOW) and recreated it at full-ish size:

From there, I traced / cut out all the details for a proper, 3D look:

Once all 11 (ELEVEN!) pieces were created and assembled, I painted it all with a nice silver acrylic to give it a weathered metal look, then spray painted it with a Krylon stone textured paint to give it some extra pop:

Originally I was only going to have a single chevron up top, but looking at all the pictures there were 8 to correspond to the dial code to lock, so I kept the top one super detailed but added the others in a more simplified fashion. Oh, and did I mention that I made it so that when you inserted glow sticks it looked like it was lit up and active? This was just a test, the final had two sticks on the sides that fit in perfectly:

From there, I put it all together:

And delivered it to the happy couple to display at their wedding. Naturally, we had to test the thing prior to delivery, and since time moves differently on the other side, you'll have to forgive my long absence. There was a lot of positive feedback though, so that's awesome!

As always, thanks for reading!


  1. Wow. That is super rad. Well done! Where will it live now?

  2. The couple opted to keep it. To put up over their garage in the summer and drive their car through :P