Monday, November 14, 2011

Generalized Update

Good morning all.

So, let's review all the little things that are going on, shall we?

Classes are going well. I'm picking up small things in DreamWeaver and Fireworks that are helping me along in actually putting together my website for my web comic. I'm taking the most from the Flash course, and doing well in terms of marking. The final project is an interactive microsite, so I'll find a way of posting it.

I haven't written anything for the comic script in the last little while, but I have sort of been working on it for classes. I think I'm just a little stuck on it: I've reached a point in the story that wasn't in the original game, and I'm overloading myself trying to see al the angles at once to see what will work best. I'll get back to it :)

So Pete and myself a little while ago playtested the board game a little while ago, and found that is lacking a little bit of cut-throatedness (wow, that didn't spell check!) so I'm going to tweak some of the rule cards to accommodate.

The work search chugs on. I have a second career workshop thing tomorrow morning, and I've been back and forth with a local place. I've slowed it down just a touch these weeks to focus on schoolwork, and I stand by the decision.

Other than that, Carla's well in China, family is well, things are as they ever are.

Thanks for reading.