Monday, July 16, 2012

Project - The Inexpensive Gamer

Good Monday morning to you all.

Today's project comes from helping a friend better brand themselves to do what they love. For a while now my friend Luis has been running his blog about playing video games. In his own words:
Welcome to the Inexpensive Gamer. My name is Ruu, the inexpensive gamer. This channel is dedicated for playthroughs, reviews, and anything else regarding games under $20 (before tax). Working on some colabs at the moment but yes. Let us begin this new chapter of gaming, the inexpensive way.
 So naturally we were talking about our own businesses and ventures, he found out I did logos and design work, and commissioned the following, which will start appearing in upcoming vlogs:

I recommend everyone go and watch at least one of his blogs, if for nothing more than Luis is pretty funny, and while playing his games pretty much says what we're all thinking.

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Project - Repeater and the Machine

So this is going to be a link heavy post as there are a number of separate artists that came together to make the final piece possible, and a lot of history behind it.

So a while ago, a good friend of mine and excellent musician Pete came to me and said that he was going to get his musical dreams off the ground and start putting his music online. Now back in the day, Pete was Echo Response, and was contemplating using the same name to start putting his new music online. He was also contemplating the name Repeater and the Machine, and after some consideration, that's the name he went with (ask him the story behind that name, it's cute).

So he had a name, but no logo. Enter your friendly neighbourhood Spide... graphic designer Rob, who worked with Pete to come up with the following logo. Pete wanted a sort of grungy, post-apocalyptic looking design, and I felt like adding the gears to really push the "machine" aspect... and I'm also just a little nerdy:

As it turns out, Pete's aunt Anita is quite the artist, and was cool with donating a print of her work for Pete to use as cover for his first single, "Coma":

So we had the art, we had the logo, we had the song, we were ready to rock! Here's the final "cover", available on cdbaby NOW!:

As always folks, thanks for reading!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Up And Running

Hello again, gentle readers.

Official instructional classes are over, meaning that from today on, Intelligent Designs is now in the business of freelance graphic design and visual communications! It's exciting, and a little nerve wracking, to know that this is it. This is the business. This is what it comes down to. Insert inspiration motivational phrase here.

I've already got some light work lined up, namely from some fellows I'm taking the classes with, but a start is a start and they are just as much important potential clients as anyone else. In fact I'm a little excited to get things going for them, simply because this IS what I want to do. I'll double check with them to make sure I can actually mention them specifically here, so let's hope a little cross-promotion goes our way, yes?

Aside from official work, I also have two wee side projects on the go, which actually just reminded me I have to bolt to the dollar store in a little bit :) Both projects are for a wedding / bridal shower, and the client in both cases is my sister. As a personal aside, I never turn down family help, unless I absolutely have to. I'm quite excited for these projects, one being another pop-op card, the other some amazingly creative ideas from my sister to facilitate the shower. I will definitely post some progress pictures here, or maybe do what I did in the beginning and post a full post when it's over.

NEW FEATURE! I should finally start posting some fun incentives for people to read, apparently my sining and exciting words may not be enough. So I bring you an interesting video concerning the design industry and being paid.

Thanks for reading!