Monday, May 21, 2012

Graphic Design As A Condition

A condition? What are you possibly talking about?

Well, let me break it down for you: I feel sometimes that the way that I approach a project, often right from initial concept to final product, is similar to having ADD. That's a fairly bold and sort of odd statement, so let me try to break it down further.

When I'm given an initial design idea, some project that I can sink my teeth into and get creative with, I romance it entirely, and to use an ADD term, I hyperfocus on it. I give that initial design, and often a fair amount of the follow-up work all my attention: everything else I'm working on at the time often sits to the side because I've found something and shiny to focus on. The funny thing that once I get something out, a concept or a rough or something like that, it's fair game as to whether I continue obsessing with the project until it's perfect or drop it off for something else.

Does this make sense to anyone other than me? Can I put on a resume that I promise the most attention and love to any single project at a time? Don't get me wrong, I can absolutely multitask and work several different projects equally, but I often find myself throwing myself into a project that I love...

Anyone else do this? Is it as weird as I think? As a bonus for sitting through a deep thought process while waiting a month for an update, I give you this:

Thanks for reading!