Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Live And Direct From Oshawa...

Good morning everyone!

Carla and I get back from our honeymoon, and are automatically hit with a hundred things to do. We get about a week free to decompress when Carla finds out that she got a new position with the school board out in Peterborough.

This is great, it means she has work :) But it naturally explodes more things we have to do. At this point, aside from balancing out the things we still need to do from the wedding (the thank yous are coming!) we now need to find a place in the area AND get a second car.

At about this time as well, we take up some dear friends' offer to move in with them for a while until we figure out what we're doing. These two weeks are pretty busy, but I manage to get a bit of work done while Carla galavants around taking trips here and there and getting some other details taken care of.

In and around this time, Carla's brother also gets married, and we offer to do some of the work for his wedding (made the cake, provided the deserts for dinner) as he was very helpful and involved in ours. If you're reading this sir, thanks :)

I manage to make it around for some meetings and set up some possible new work around this time, which is nice. But as day leads unto day, we find ourselves at the weekend before Carla is set to start work and still don't have our own place or a car. Cue in yet another amazing friend who lets us stay with her for a week until we can sort that out. If you're reading this madam, thanks :)

While we managed to borrow a second car, I got out into town and did some networking, joining some groups, things like that. I'm really letting some personal projects slip though, and I absolutely want to be addressing those. Remember this one? It's next on that list.

So after a few days we find a nice basement apartment and move ourselves in. We still need a second car because I'm sort of confined to the house otherwise. I'd love to get along with some of those side projects again, the the apartment is FILLED with boxes, and in those boxes things, and on those things, dust. We're almost done moving in just in time to become Fall-busy :P

And THAT'S what I did for my Summer vacation :D

Thanks for reading ;)