Monday, July 29, 2013

San Diego - I Con You Not! Part 1

Hello everyone!

It's been a while since the crew have posted a new blog entry here, but I promise you there have been some very good reasons!

First, since I posted last, I got married :D I'm now officially an old man, and that's not including having kids or my own house or any of that stuff yet. The wedding was amazing, and we had a lot of our own little touches in practically every aspect of it (could you expect anything less from a designer??), from the Stag and Doe:

To the invitations that we sent out:

Followed right into the wedding itself, where we came up with creating table numbers based on different things we liked:

As well as labels for both the wine bottles and the tea-themed favours that we gave to all our guests:

I'm particularly proud of the thank you gifts I gave to all my groomsmen. I found a template online to create a papercraft tuxedo, so I ran out to Michaels and picked up the exact colours of the tuxes, vests and bow ties and went to work creating miniature replicas of everything! I added the final pieces to a shadow box and included a small commemorative plaque :) Oh, by the way, everyone also got a copy of Amazing Spider-man Annual #21, the famous wedding issue ;)

Those are just some of the highlights of our wedding :) We were back from the wedding for about a week when we managed to land tickets to the San Diego Comic Con honeymoon! Look for the upcoming post about that trip. Nerds: it was epic :D

Thanks for reading!