Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Designing Intelligently, One Year Later

Greetings again from the collection of folding tables and chairs that is my office :)

It was one year ago today that I officially launched Intelligent Designs!
One year ago today I was sitting nervously in my first small business class with the instructors from Ontario Office Works Inc. getting primed on how to properly start up, build, and maintain my small business, and it's been one solid ride since.

I post or two ago I mentioned that I wanted to switch up the format of how I write these blog posts, wanting to involved my readers (and their readers, and so on...) in a little bit more of what my process is for what I do, and to give back a little to the numerous businesses that have helped me grow along the way by giving me a chance :) Today is going to be a soft start to this new world order, and I figured that a little bit about OOW and the people there is a great way to start.

Lifted from their website:
Ontario Office Works Inc. started in 1994 to provide assistance to businesses in implementing employment equity in the workplace. Diversity is still an important aspect of our training. In 1995 we started providing Self Employment Support to individuals on behalf of Human Resources Development Canada. We continue to provide self employment support to individuals through the Ontario Self Employment Benefit Program on behalf of the Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities. This Employment Ontario service is funded in part by the Government of Canada.

Ontario Office Works Inc. has helped more than 1,100 people start their own businesses since 1995. We are here to help you explore the possibility of becoming self employed and determine what is right for you!

The staff at the office are amazing at what they do, too. They're a team of bookkeepers, accountants, social media experts, etc., each able to answer a variety of my constant questions and help grow every aspect of my business. Although I've been working graphic design freelance for many years at this point, I had no idea how to do it for myself, and they walked me through through enough of the process that I can now say to other people "hey, it's a little scary, but running your own business is actually pretty easy once you get the pieces sorted out!"

I've also taken them on as a client, and am currently working on a number of visual communication pieces for them, including updating their logo, their brochures, window decals, and their charter, which I feel sums up their business perfectly:

Ontario Office Works Inc OOWI OOW Charter Robert Stea Intelligent Designs

A big thank you to the team at Ontario Office Works for putting me where I am today, and a big thank you to all the readers that keep this blog going.

Thanks as always for reading!