Thursday, September 13, 2018

The Best Best Buy Logo Money Could Buy

I worked at Best Buy for just over a year, and I was able to help them out with some promotional material when head office... dragged their heels on occasion.

My brother-in-law currently works for them, in a much higher capacity than I did, and he recently wanted to pump up the morale of the store by giving them a unique brand that they can use to distinguish their store during various promotional events.

Apparently, their store is known as the Monarchs, and he wanted something to incorporate their raw, awesome power. This is what I came up with. I think it looks pretty good in application :)

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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Save The Date!

Sooo much of my life these days is taken up by working on escape room design and prop making that I don't know how to... unlock my free time!!


Because of my affinity for the medium, last month I was requested by a wonderful mom to help do something special for a wedding shower - a portable escape room for the bride and groom! Once I stopped squealing, I humbly accepted.

The game prepped for transport to the party

It was a surprising amount of work, but I had great support from an escape room mentor. Puzzle flow had me confused at first, and there were some puzzles in there that needed A LOT of playtesting, but I think the results were just fantastic.

The happy couple
 What was great about this project is that it's something that I own, so while I've done... 5 different escape rooms in the last year and a half, I can talk about this one without spoiling some information that I don't own.

Puzzlers gonna puzzle
As an added bonus, with a little tweaking I think turning this game a little more generic can make it something more people can play in the future :)

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