Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Save The Date!

Sooo much of my life these days is taken up by working on escape room design and prop making that I don't know how to... unlock my free time!!


Because of my affinity for the medium, last month I was requested by a wonderful mom to help do something special for a wedding shower - a portable escape room for the bride and groom! Once I stopped squealing, I humbly accepted.

The game prepped for transport to the party

It was a surprising amount of work, but I had great support from an escape room mentor. Puzzle flow had me confused at first, and there were some puzzles in there that needed A LOT of playtesting, but I think the results were just fantastic.

The happy couple
 What was great about this project is that it's something that I own, so while I've done... 5 different escape rooms in the last year and a half, I can talk about this one without spoiling some information that I don't own.

Puzzlers gonna puzzle
As an added bonus, with a little tweaking I think turning this game a little more generic can make it something more people can play in the future :)

Thanks for reading!

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