Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Hail To The King, Baby

I don't know if this has ever come up, but I love board games. At least two of the "always on the plate" projects I have kicking around here are to design my own games. I'll get those done, some day, eventually... but in the last few years Carla and I have been thrown head-first into the world of Eurogames (the fancy ones you see and are like 'that one looks to hard') and I can tell you that it is becoming a heavily saturated market.

What's great, then, is when a friend commissions you to make a custom set of character pieces for one of the coolest games out there, King of Tokyo. It's basically battle Yahtzee where players use giant monster to vie for control of Tokyo. Lots of fun.

For a mutual friend's birthday, we made him a custom set of monster cards (based on his friends and family), and a few new special power cards for him to mess around with. We played it and it rolled out amazingly thanks to the hand crafting of Jared and the Photoshop skills of Kurt.

In all respect and fairness, the basis for the art was found and lovingly altered from the artwork of Brian Allen, and we have no intention of selling it again or making any profit from it, we just REALLY liked it :)

Happy birthday Adam, and thanks for reading!

Thursday, June 29, 2017

More Than One Way To Skin A Design

I really like making people happy with my designs.

Like the big robot in the sky once said: See A Need... Fill A Need. Often I have clients that come to me and say that they have Event X coming up, and need Y to make it special. We're then able to sit and talk about what sort of theme, or 'skin' works best for Event X.

Most times people know exactly what they want, sometimes they need help turning their ideas into tangible things, and sometimes I have free rein. In this case, I was somewhere in the middle of all three. We had a baby shower coming up, and Carla needed games to play with the ladies. The mom-to-be is a big Batman fan, and the dad is a Superman freak.

I do not own any of the images used, trademarks of DC / Warner Brothers, etc...

Sometimes, it's too easy :)

Thanks for reading!