Friday, January 17, 2014

A New Year Already Ramping Up

Greetings as always fair readers. And those not so fair. You know who you are...

Man alive did December not explode onto the scene! Several new clients caused me to just keep my head down and hit some tricky deadlines, but we're  back to normal around here which basically means an update every 2 - 3 weeks versus every 2 - 3 months :P

I kid. I hope.

But I have been working a number of side projects and things lately. Apparently, I still like to paint mini figs:

And someone was magical enough to show me how to operate a laser cutter! Oh dear, I think I will just have to laser cut all the things...

Other than that it's more the same around here. I'm going to hit you with some client spotlight posts in the future as a regular thing, I like trying to give back that way. Still working out a proper format for here, suggestions are always welcome.

Stay classy, and thanks for reading :)