Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Check One Off The Bucket List

Greetings all!

Thanks for sticking around! I know there hasn't been an update in a while, but that's because weddings are hard :P In the next little while I'm hoping to even out the work-life balance, and am actually thinking of doing a little retooling to the blog here in a hope to involve my readers more in the workings  of Intelligent Designs, as well as to bring a steadier stream of content.

Stay tuned for that :)

But to the post at hand!
This past weekend was Headshots From The Heart, which you all know I was (and will continue to be as long as they'll have me) the official graphics supporter for :) The entire event went off swimmingly, and it was a lot of fun. For the second year running, Kwartzlab hosted the event, and while I would love in this post to tell you all about them, I'm going to leave that for an upcoming update.

But Kwartzlab is awesome because I was finally able to take the Blender TARDIS that I had built and run it through a 3D Printer!!!!! I feel bad for Ben, who represented Kwartzlab while the event was going on, because I was totally geeking out about it and checking back on it every ten minutes :P

Anyway, pictures:

Thanks for reading!