Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone.

We've been running around a lot this month, weekends have been spent helping my parents move and when that was over, it was time to get ready for the holidays. Busy busy!

I'm still on the hunt for work, which is fine as it's an odd time of year for this. I had one friend tell me that she got her job over the holidays, but the general thought is that not a lot of people will be hiring now. More likely they will be trimming a bit of the holiday fat this year to keep in the black.

So anyway, I've been thinking that I should try to maybe do some personal artwork. And then I had the thought that I could perhaps market and sell these things. I like creating rare and unique pieces and giving them to people, so maybe an Etsy or something like that. This seems pretty obvious, but it's also very similar to freelance: the interest (from clients) is going to wax and wane like crazy. So I'm compelled t keep looking for work and maybe entertaining this on the side, like so many other projects...

But for those that read this, let me pose a question: If you had the chance, for any special occasion, to have a geeky and nerdy card or some kind of similar craft, would you be interested? How many times have you gone to Hallmark or Carlton Cards and just not found that right card because they just don't exist?

Just some holiday, possibly life-changing, food for thought. Happy holidays and thanks for reading!

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