Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Project - Engagement Puzzle

So back in high school, my fiancee became friends with a wonderful young woman named Hitomi who was an exchange student from Japan. She's a lot of the reason we went over for a visit a few years back, and when Carla and I announced our engagement, Hitomi was awesome and made us a personalized Japanese Kit Kat box designed with all kinds of images from our engagement and Facebook.

A little while ago, Hitomi announced her engagement to Zac, a mutual friend of ours who was also in Japan, and we immediately started thinking about what we could do for them. Always wanting to push for a new project, we eventually came to the puzzle idea and I set forth!

This sort of project is always interesting because it really flexes the networking muscles: I had to source out a new printer to create the actual puzzle (most places couldn't print to such a thick stock), I had to contact Zac's dad to source high quality images of their engagement, and I had to put the whole thing together on a tight timeline.

In the end, I'm extremely happy with the results, as were the happy couple. Thanks for reading!

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