Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Season Update

Merry Christmas everyone :)

I'm sure there are a lot of people in the world with much bigger problems, especially given the current state of the news, the schools, plants, etc.

I'm not here to editorialize though. But I would like to talk about priorities and resolutions. I'm new at this whole business thing, and while I still love it, I'm still learning the ropes about certain things. Like updating here regularly :P

With the business and clients, planning for a wedding, general life stuff and Christmas, things are amazingly busy around here. I actually spent the majority of the morning wrapping presents only to realize that when I was done, I didn't want to work on anything!

But that made me think about my free time, and the projects I want to be working on, and while it will probably make me crazy, I want to make an early resolution to take more time for my projects. I'm sitting on a load of writing I want to do, as well as the board game I gave a sneak peek about a little while ago, and I really should hit these.

I think I can balance it... :P

What sort of resolutions are you planning? Are any of them design related, because that would be awesome :)

Thanks as always for reading. Happy holidays!


  1. I'm going to write more, and that hopefully includes music. Beyond that, I'm not sure. Do my best to make next year even cooler than this one has been.

  2. I agree entirely. Whether its on a personal or professional level, I absolutely want next year to be cooler than this one. Paradigm shift activate!

  3. More DIY crafts- before I think "where could I buy that?" I want to start thinking "how could I make that?". And as always the endless battle of staying healthy in mind and body. Lastly, making more of an effort with my hobbies :)

  4. Absolutely Donna! That's how I've been thinking for years and, well, you know where that lead :P Anytime you have an idea, or need help with making something work, you let me know :)

    Yea, healthy mind and body. I'm working on that too. I'd love to lose some weight for the wedding, but like everything else, its all about time, energy and traction :P

    I hope your hobbies work out for you :) That's part of my problem, finding the time. Mind you I did do nothing last night but play video games, and that was a nice change :)