Monday, January 28, 2013


It's still the start of a new year, and that means working up some new ideas, new projects, and some new fun to share with the world :) I have some new projects on that go that I'm hoping to report on in the near future, but for now I'd like to comment on this new thought experiment I'm involved in, brought to you by the brains floating in that jar over there...

I'm not going to go into the details now, I want you all to pop over, read it for yourself, and then hear what you have to say. But I am down with the idea. My goals look like this:

  • Gain a new client - I'm a freelance graphic designer and visual communications expert that owns his own business, so I'm trying to expand my client base.
  • Finish a play test of my board game - I love anything nerdy, I love board games, and I have an idea for one that fulfills a lot of needs for me. I need to complete a play through so that I can start the beta testing, and not just design the art for it.
  • Outline a single story I am writing - Not only do I do board games, I write. I have a number of stories bouncing around in my head and I should start outlining them in order to complete them.
  • Check off at least 4 things from the wedding list - A list of things yet to do for our upcoming wedding. Need to keep on track of it all so that it doesn't lag behind and we don't stress at the last minute.

I think they're pretty reasonable, and obtainable. I need a kick in the arse every now and again to keep working, and I fond that I had already let one or two goals lapse in the first cycle. If for no other eason, I hate not to feel like I'm accomplishing things!

Speaking of, I need to make some phone calls. Goal number one, after all :)

Thanks for reading!

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