Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Client Spotlight - Living Out Loud!

While I was still in the Niagara region, I was contacted to work a small business start up package for a young woman who had just come through the same program that I had.

We sat down at a local Tim Hortons to chat face to face, and I can honestly it was one of those initial client meetings I wish I had all the time! Morgan was so involved in the work that she did, and had such a passion for it that it was easy to get caught up in what Living Out Loud! is all about. Here's a little bit about the company, from their Facebook page:

Living Out Loud listens to the needs expressed by its families and creates programs to meet those specific needs.
Our Place provides children with exceptional abilities and their families somewhere to drop in and hang out. Our Place offers parents and their families the opportunity to relax, visit with friends, collaborate resources and gain support. We offer an accepting and empowering atmospher
e where all who come feel welcome.
Every child deserves to discover what lights them up. The Dream Catchers program creates a personalized plan to not only allow your child to discover what lights them up, but to help them become great at it. You can then take your personalized plan and apply it at home, in a school setting, or join us weekly to spend time with other Dream Catchers.
Living Out Loud would like to make a lasting difference for you and your family.

Morgan had a thousand and one ideas about what she wanted to do to help those kids, but like most small businesses had no clue how she wanted the company brand to look like.  In the end, we were able to brainstorm some solid imagery, and developed the logo below:

We were both very happy with the result here: able to capture the overall energy and drive of the company, while still speaking to the core concept of children being able to use their services to reach for their dreams, to take the "wish" and make it a reality. The concepts we worked through for this design were similar from start to finish, only because we were able to grab everything Morgan wanted pretty much off the bat :)

For a bit more information, check out this article.

Thanks for reading!

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