Thursday, October 2, 2014

Thronies Rejoice!

What seems like forever ago, Carla bought me the Game of Thrones Puzzle of Westeros.

For anyone else putting this together, I feel your pain: the water is all black with SUBTLE shading water lines to indicate waves, the boats all look the same, and most of the pieces everywhere actually fit together. Over the course of something like a month we finally got it all together.

As soon as it went together I knew I had to frame it. It took a while to make this happen, as we were about to move, I didn't have the wood or the tools, etc. We brought it rolled to my parents' place and soon I started assembling the shadowbox. It had to be deep, as the Eyrie stands about 2.25 inches tall! (so cool!)

I bought the glass for it, had my dad help me with the construction, and coloured the backboard it was glued to to highlight some of the colours (shown in the picture above). Now it's mounted on the wall of our apartment, and I whistle the theme song every time I see it :D

You know you're jealous ;)

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