Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Not Paying Attention In Class

That is to say I AM paying attention in class, but due to not a lot of people here having knowledge of DreamWeaver, the teacher is sort of starting off at ground zero.

Class? What are you talking about, Rob?

Well I'm glad you asked! As of about 2pm today I am now enrolled in the Conestoga College Digital Media class! So far I'm down to take the current DreamWeaver class, a class in Flash and a class in Fireworks. I'm hoping that my previous classes at Georgian College plus my 4+ years of experience in the field will allow me to opt out of the actually design related classes. We'll find out soon I hope, the college strike that just ended delayed me a bit (I actually missed my first Fireworks class on Monday without even realizing!) Oh well...

That's all for me, I should start paying attention. Thanks for reading!


  1. Web Design is different than Print Design, Rob. Stick with the design classes. Oh, and don't rely too much on Dreamweaver. People like designers who can hand code their designs. And for the love of god, please tell me they're not telling you to use tables...

  2. Oh yea I know. It's a shame that everyone expects you to be a jack of all trades when they hear you are a designer. I'd love to be able to stick solely to print, or maybe continue with my catchy one off designs and be able to make money, but most job postings I find now require some level of web design. It's not that I was terrible at it, but I didn't think I had marketable skills enough to fit with those jobs.

    My background is in HTML, so I'm always the one in class with the split screen windows open. If I ever have a problem, I prefer to jump to the coding to try and fix it. But it's nice to see what CSS is doing, and then work with the code for a real time change.

    It's funny you say that about tables. We were working with DIV and APDIV and while I can totally see their ease and functionality, I actually kinda maybe prefer tables... I was able to do the same thing in like half the time!