Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Backburning A Fire Under My Butt

I had a little bit of a realization today, something creative and design related, so I figured I'd share. This may seem more obvious to some, but bear with me that revelations like this take a bit of time for me. I'm kinda slow ;)

So I think I realize why I always seem to have some kind of project or new idea on the back of my mind, and why it always seems to be the project that I'll keep saying "I should really work on that now that I have some free time", and be really excited to but when it comes down to it, I do almost anything else.

I think I need that alternative project to keep me focused on what I'm doing. Let me step that back one: I need to have something that I will never properly finish so that I always have something on the go, so that I always have something creative to do. It's like loving your job because you have a hobby that you hate... I think... out loud that doesn't make sense, but I'm going to go with it.

This is probably why it took me over a year to finish the web comic script, but why I would also attack it with such gusto when I DID work on it. I always had something to do, even little bits at a time. When I couldn't find work, I had something creative to do, and that kept me going. Right now I've got another story I'm writing (which I haven't touched in over a week mind you) that is collecting proverbial dust because of the new business. This is a legitimate reason to not be working on it, but I had a solid hour tonight I could have worked on it, and decided to play some video games instead.

Why? It lets me procrastinate. It gives me something to look forward to. I'm not overly sure what the reason is, but I know that when I don't have a personal pet project, I get down on myself.


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