Monday, August 27, 2012

Project - Hollywood Bachelorette Party

Greetings gentle readers.

So for the past few newsreel style posts I've been hinting that I was working on a larger project for my sister. Well, over the weekend her sister-in-law and fiancee had their wedding shower, with the theme being "Hollywood Awesomeness".

Donna (my sister) collected up a number of themed items from places like Party Packagers, but commissioned me to go the extra mile and create some great personalized items for those involved. This resulted in the following:

This Hollywood sign hung up over the doors, while a second, larger one was staked into the ground
as you walked in from the driveway. Both we made using white foamcore boards.

This marquee was for the movie All You Need Is Love, staring the bride and groom.
Crafted again from foamcore and several coloured sheets of bristol board.

We created a Walk of Fame for all the members of the wedding party. The bride and groom's star were much larger
and at the end, and were trailed by each member of the wedding party. Donna laid out a red fabric "carpet" too.

I also created an actual movie poster for the event. Hold on, let me get a better image of it...

I couldn't make it to the shower itself, but apparently everything went off great. I got a lot of praise for my work, and apparently had a few of my business cards handed out too! I really love when I can put a number of different design pieces together like this, and when I get free reign to have fun :)

As always, thanks for reading!

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