Monday, March 17, 2014

Design Brief - Greeting Cards

Someone posed the question to me "how do you get people to care about greeting cards?"

To be fair, I hadn't given this much thought in the past. If you're a regular of my blog here, you may have noticed that I love greeting cards, and I love making people love greeting cards, and making greeting cards that people love, and really any other combinations of those words that you can think of ;)

So, why greeting cards? To me, greeting cards are a very base gift, often simple and affordable. They generally speak to one person taking the time to show someone else that they care. Friend having a birthday? Give them a card. Want to add a little something extra to your Valentine's? Give them a card.

Now maybe I'm a bit of a cynic, but I've seen the video outlining how engagement rings are a bit of a scam, and while I know it's not ENTIRELY the same, I can see how there's a correlation between big companies and greeting cards. Believe me, I've been there.

Now that being said, I love a really well made card (I might be a bit of a paper craft nerd), but I'm not always interested in spending a lot of money on something mass produced. I like things that are creative, maybe a little complicated, but most certainly unique... and I'd be surprised if my clients don't as well.

We all have different passions, hobbies, interests. With any luck, we all have someone we care for that could use a greeting card. *makes handshake motion* See what I did there? I took your passion and combined it with your need, and showed you how you don't need to settle.

Thanks for reading :)

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